My name is Danyl Novhorodov. I’m a passionate software developer with interests in software architecture, functional programming, DevOps, cloud computing, Agile and much more. I have 16+ years of experience in building enterprise systems and web development. In the beginning I worked with C/C++ and in about 2008 migrated to .NET and C# which become my main favorite stack and remains it by this day. I’m not a big expert on the front-end, but have quite good experience with vanilla JavaScript and reactive extensions like RxJs. Had some experience with Angular and NgRx as well. Since 2018 I deep-dive in the world of functional programming and in my free time experimenting with F# which I think is very exciting language and has super potential. Azure is my another favorite topic, I love Azure DevOps product and all the killer features that cloud provide to your business.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, playing video games, watching good movies and travelling. I’m a big fan of martial arts and heavy metal.